Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 3 - July 3rd добрый день господин петров

Today was a bit different then yesterday. Actually, it was significantly harder than yesterday. I'm not sure what it was, but I think it might have been related to my state of mind, which is probably something that I should have considered. Maybe it was just a case of the Thursdays...

Anyway, today I accidentally did FRIDAY's work schedule. I downloaded an app to watch Russian TV and watched about an hour of утро России on Russia 1 and later some news on Moscow 24. In fact, if you go to утро России's webpage, you'll find an image of today's show. I couldn't figure out why he was ironing, but I assume some day I will understand enough to figure it out. All I knew was, it was baby clothes.

So, after "listening" for an hour and some change, I then realized that Speaking, Vocab and Grammar were on my list for a Thursday. I felt incredibly dumb, but it seems I got some extra practice in. We'll see if that helps me in the future.

But I fought through the lesson and found that it wasn't very clear. I'm hoping that other lessons are much better than that one, but if they are all of the same caliber, I may have to consider switching to a different textbook. Until then, I'll keep fighting my way through. I'm definitely not a fan of the unclear gender of words.

I did end up doing the Pimsleur lesson two 3 times today. I kept having trouble with that too. But I think I got it. I'm finding that Russian has a lot of hard consonants that follow each other. That's rough, but I have to have some serious positive feelings and believe that it's possible.

Anyway, I will get to watch more TV tomorrow. That should be fun. Until then, Good luck with your studies.

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