Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 11 Masa! Saya bisa belajar apa-apa!

So Day 11 has been less hectic than all the other days over the past few weeks. I'm finally back home, I didn't work and I went with a couple of other fraternity brothers to look at a potential new house for the chapter. So, I had free time to study and catch up on all my missed subjects. I now have roughly 330 vocabulary on the flashcards and I finished Chapter 13, which was on the Poor.

Before I explain how it went, here's the rules for Day 11

1.       Open your newspaper or magazine and continue where you left off, highlighting and reading.
2.       After 10 minutes with the newspaper, read Chapter 13 of your course book.
3.       Write in your notebook all the vocabulary from that chapter
4.       Write on the flashcards all the vocabulary from that chapter and the newspaper
5.       Study your Phrasebook
6.       Find your Language Audio files and do lesson 6.
7.       Utilize hidden time to study flashcards
8.       Study flashcards before going to bed

 So, I caught up to and read Chapter 13 and found it to be an easy chapter to get through. It was heavy on the prefix Ber- but I finally figured it out. I'm still gonna need some speaking practice, but with 900 words already by Day 11, that's to be expected. The Harry Loraine method is still working, as "My friend Rindu got homesick abroad. Rindu = to be homesick." The method of telling stories to remember words is certainly working to increase my vocabulary memory.

The new article I have is on a political figure. It seems he's a Muslim, but I'm still working through the story. One paragraph at a time it seems. I'm thinking that I'll be done with it by the next lesson.

I figure that I should include the rules for learning a foreign language in 30 days again for reference. Mostly it's because I have nothing else to say. I just covered 3 chapters in a day...

1.       Never take a day off
2.       Utilize all hidden moments to review 3x5 cards
3.       Set aside at least 30 clear minutes a day to update your 3x5 cards on the language or to read more lesson from your book
4.       Study a few vocabulary words from the previous day each morning when you wake
5.       Study a few vocabulary words from the day before going to sleep each night
6.       Use Harry Lorayne's magic memory aid - Tell a story to remember the words your studying
a.       Ex. In Indonesia, my family all lives in one roomah. (Rumma=Family)
7.       Study words together with opposites, it's easy to remember (hot/cold, etc.)
8.       Pick conversations with other speakers of the language like drunks pick fights (with gusto)
9.       Use Word-Denial games (Don't let yourself have dessert until you can remember a word, etc.)
             Don't study profanity, but do study idiomatic phrases
             Keep it simple at first, don't try to outpace yourself by knowing words like "megalomaniac."
      Try to find a community within your town that speaks the target language natively (or close) and find reasons to hang out with them (go to their restaurant, etc.)
      Choose to listen to the target language music instead of your own when listening to music. Better yet, choose to listen and interact with the language audio instead of music
1     Remember to interact with language audio, none of them work without interaction
1      Watch Target Language movies instead of American films when watching movies
For the first 30 days, live, breath, and eat your target language

Good luck people.

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