Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 27 kalau saya pergi ke Indonesia, mungkin saya bisa mengarti?

Again, I woke up early, and again I studied. I wanted to get it done before I had to leave to make contact with the Financial Aid office, which I have to do today, because it appears as though it might be a fairly busy day today. Which sucks.

Here's the rules for day 27:
1.       Open your newspaper or magazine and continue where you left off, highlighting and reading.
2.       After 10 minutes with the newspaper, read Chapter 27 of your course book.
3.       Write in your notebook all the vocabulary from that chapter
4.       Write on the flashcards all the vocabulary from that chapter and the newspaper
5.       Find your phrasebook (Or idiom book) and begin memorizing necessary phrases.
6.       Find your Language Audio files and do lesson 20.
7.       Utilize hidden time to study flashcards
8.       Study flashcards before going to bed

I think that the Tuttle lessons were organized in the wrong order. I just covered conjunctions in Lesson 27, things like, "When" and "If" and "although." I think I understand the concept they were trying to make, must understand how verbs work in Indonesian to be able to form sentences, but at the same time, I think I would have been able to figure it out with a dozen chapters on verbs BEFORE a chapter on conjunctions. I think my failing with Indonesian is one part my lack of being able to study note cards, and two because the book is organized in the worst way possible.

I'm still behind in the audio files. I plan to finish though. Definitely in my plan. I'm obviously not going to be at 23 by Monday, but I'm hoping to be close and then finish it off by the 2nd of August. I'll do up to 30 by the 10th, and then I will be what Pimsleur considers a decent speaker.

All of this to prove a point. Hopefully knowing Indonesian pays off in the end.

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