Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 2 Bapak-bapak dan ibu-ibu

Okay, to begin the day, I will start by saying that I worked again today. And I had a photo shoot earlier in the day. This really cramps on one's plans to study. However, I managed to make note cards to study the words from yesterday and actually did get through 42 words using the Harry Loraine system. It really does work.

Before I get too far, here's the rules for Day 2:

Day 2 (see day 1)
1.       Read the next two chapters (ie. 3-4) of your course book. It will give you the basic understanding you will need to proceed forward and start making sentences that work.
2.       Write in your notebook and on the flashcards all the vocabulary from those chapters
3.       Utilize hidden time to study
4.       Study flashcards before going to bed

Studying chapter 3 was surprising. There were 40 new words, but I learned how to form tenses in Indonesian. I also learned new titles to tack onto people's name to address them. I don't have to call everyone "Pak," "Bu," "Kak," and "Dik," but I can call them other things, like "Om" or "Mas." But despite all that, I was figuring out how to translate the sentences. Never has that happened to me before, in any of the languages I have learned. By day 2, I'm translating pretty quickly. That's decent. But 5 grammar principles (1 being all three tenses) is not a bad break-away.

Anyway, Chapter 4 was significantly harder than three, as it was mainly interrogative sentences. There were about 31 new vocabulary words, and it covered how to ask questions. This is pretty good for the second day, so I hope this is working out right.

This challenge is working out well. I feel that by day 3, I will have met my original 300 vocabulary word goal. However, at the moment, I'm only counting the 42 or so that I can remember immediately.

Sekarang saya akan tidur. Selamat tidur, bapak-bapak dan ibu-ibu.

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