Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 19 saya penulis, tapi saya tidak bisa menulis kalimat-kalimat dalam bahasa indonesia

So today was no cakewalk. Apparently, I didn't think that the reason yesterday contained a small number of words was probably because today would have even more than any other chapter. There were 140 words today. 140 words. The problem with the system of studying a foreign language is not flawed, so far as I can tell, for if you had a reasonable and contiguous number of things to study (i.e. 50 words a day for example), then you would be fine. But here, I keep running into a fluctuating amount of words, and these words are really beginning to get out of control. Today the word "General Election" appeared. I'm sorta beginning to think that a better book would have helped alot.

Here's the rules for day 19:
1.       Open your newspaper or magazine and continue where you left off, highlighting and reading.
2.       After 10 minutes with the newspaper, read Chapter 20 of your course book.
3.       Write in your notebook all the vocabulary from that chapter
4.       Write on the flashcards all the vocabulary from that chapter and the newspaper
5.       Find your phrasebook (Or idiom book) and begin memorizing necessary phrases.
6.       Find your Language Audio files and do lesson 13.
7.       Utilize hidden time to study flashcards
8.       Study flashcards before going to bed

So, at this point, I'm really beginning to regret having bought the book I did. It's getting to the point where I have an unbearable amount of vocabulary to learn and I still don't have a very concise understanding of Basic Indonesian Grammar Principles. There's a couple of Indonesian Grammar books that I'm thinking about looking into and maybe by Saturday I will have figured one out, one that can help me get a much stronger grasp on the ber-, men-, memper-, ter-, per- prefixes and the -kan,-an,-i suffixes. As far as I can tell, these are the only affixes, but they can be combined in certain cases, which makes things a little complicated. Hopefully I'll have this sorted out by Sunday, so that my last full week of studying will be extremely productive.

As far as the news goes, it seems that there area going to 19 national holidays in 2013, which sounds like it will be fun. I won't be there obviously, but it could be awesome for those in Indonesia.

My audio lessons went as to be expected, which is to say that I had to listen to it twice. But the fact is, it wasn't 3 times, which at least means I did better than yesterday. I will be able to Indonesian by the end of this month, I swear it.

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