Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 14 REVIEW #2 Integrity Test

The study materials I keep referencing
Well, Day 14 was exactly what I asked for: a day to review what I've gone over and catch up on the stuff that I'm behind in. I know that these rules for learning a language are rules that I compiled and theoretically have all power over, but if anyone reading this knows me, they know that I'm a person of structure, patterns and rules, generally holding myself to a standard. If I can't follow the rules for learning a language as posted, then how can I trust my own personal integrity, the integrity of my argument that a person can learn any language in 30 days, and the integrity of language learning capabilities (or at least the honest assessment thereof).

Here's the rules for review day #2, Day 14
1.       Review your notebook and flashcards, note how much you've learned in 14 days. 
2.       Review Chapters 10-15 of your course book.
3.       OPTIONAL: Complete missing lessons of your language audio.
4.       Utilize hidden time to study flashcards
5.       Study flashcards before going to bed

So, I finally caught up all the vocabulary I needed to write down, which is not to say that I memorized all those words, but that I wrote them down. I now only have to worry about the upcoming vocabulary. I also managed to catch up on my Pimsleur audio files, putting me right where I should be for Day 15. This puts my at 15 lessons completed, about 900 vocabulary words, about 20-25 grammar principles and 8 lessons of Pimsleur interactive language files. I feel like I'm at a good place to say that I'm about halfway through the 30-day language program.

I've decided to start over with the phrases instead of the idioms, even though I made an idiom flashcard, because I think it's important that I begin memorizing and being able to spout out phrases at will. This will give me the ability to say that I know how to speak, hear, understand and know Indonesian.

In my final note, I discovered that there's an iPhone app that allows me to access 1 Indonesia TV station (Tri TV) and several radio stations. I plan on using this app to have more opportunities to listen to the language in action.

saya sih mau pergi ke Jakarta, dan saya sih mau bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia seperti orang Indonesia.

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