Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 28 and 29 Saya makin lama makin belajar

Well, I wasn't able to post yesterday because I worked from 8am to 11pm, but I was able to review what I had covered and glance forward on what I had left. I didn't realize that the Tuttle book only has 28 chapters, which means that Day 30 will be a whole book review day, which I think will be a good way to end the 30 day challenge. Before I continue, here's the rules for the days.

Day 28 rules (Review 4)
1.       Review your notebook and flashcards, note how much you've learned in 21 days. 
2.       Review Chapters 22-27 of your course book.
3.       OPTIONAL: Complete missing lessons of your language audio.
4.       Utilize hidden time to study flashcards
5.       Study flashcards before going to bed

Day 29 rules:
1.       Open your newspaper or magazine and continue where you left off, highlighting and reading.
2.       After 10 minutes with the newspaper, read Chapter 28 of your course book.
3.       Write in your notebook all the vocabulary from that chapter
4.       Write on the flashcards all the vocabulary from that chapter and the newspaper
5.       Find your phrasebook (Or idiom book) and begin memorizing necessary phrases.
6.       Find your Language Audio files and do lesson 21.
7.       Utilize hidden time to study flashcards
8.       Study flashcards before going to bed

Upon reviewing, I realized that I covered about 2700 vocabulary over the last 27 days, I had actually only intaken about 600 of those words because of my lack of free time and my inability to look over vocab cards while at work without getting fired. I also realized that I could form some pretty cool sentences in Indonesian, but they all still sounded pretty basic. I haven't branched into deeper and more strenuous concepts yet, which I think is a goal for me in the near future.

As for day 29, I didn't really understand my news article. I think it was something to do with disabilities and the two schools of thought regarding how to handle disabilities. It was complicated, but I fought my way through. I looked up a bunch more words than I have recently, so that was a bad sign.

But I did learn how to make a very cool sentence (see above). I'm looking forward to reviewing the entire book tomorrow when I have free time.

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